One of the places I went away to was my sister’s, where our parents had a dinner to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. I took this the next day after mum and dad had gone back home.
Clare Maisie and Sam
In the front is Maisie, my niece; holding her is my sister Clare; the blur in the background is Sam, my nephew, who is about to do his Frankenstein’s monster walk into another unyielding surface.

It’s annoying having a sister who can spend an evening drinking and eating gout-inducing quantities of rich stuff and wake up the next day looking like Halle Berry’s stunt double. According to my brother-in-law though, it’s even more annoying having to share a room with her after she’s consumed alcohol because she even acts a bit like Halle Berry’s stunt double: she gets up in the middle of the night and tries to sleepwalk through walls.