Last week, as part of my continuing journey into girly, I was photographing ladies’ fashions

dainty shoes with bows

and domestic interiors for i gigi and the i gigi General Store. I recommend that you pop down to the latter at 37 Western Road in Brighton because it is truly a sight to see. This is a shop that looks like it’s under constant surveillance from a team of crack stylists with an emergency line to the editorial board of Wallpaper*.

I’m a bloke, but, after half-an-hour in there, even I was thinking about picking up some hand-wrapped natural soaps in a range of shades of ecru. Here is one of the staff at the General Store reacting sheepishly to my question: “You just assumed I was gay, didn’t you?”

well, I did, sort of

[It wasn’t like that really, but this makes a better story.]