I’ve not mentioned the Euston Manifesto Conference here yet because it’s been another pile of unpaid work for yours truly and I’m buggered if I’m going to add to it by writing lengthy blogposts about it. There’s a week to go before it takes place (on Wednesday 30May07) and most of the tickets have already gone. If you want to be there too then email conference@eustonmanifesto.org and give us yer money. If you are reading PooterGeek at a university or other research institution then you can print out this colour A4 poster [PDF, 74K] and put it up in a corridor somewhere.

Now that I am a veteran of the last-minute rushes that accompany these things, I know what’s going to happen next: lots of people with more books on their shelves than organisational skills in their heads will be emailing and phoning us with hours to go asking if there’s some way that they and their five friends from Amnesty/Radio 4/DEMOS/the LSE/the Cats Protection League might just be able to squeeze in and will there be vegan catering/a place to park their Segways/commemorative biros?

So let me remind you: the Euston Manifesto Group is bunch of people who meet in a pub. We have mobile phones and a Website, not a transglobal network of offices staffed by a loyal clone army of operatives wearing belted jumpsuits and hard hats. If you are coming to our conference then please order your ticket now rather than next week when we’ll be busy organising the event and therefore will find adding your name to our sprawling multi-dimensional spreadsheet of attendees something of a distraction.

Thank you.