I’ve been away for a few days so you’ll have to wait while I catch up with other things before there’s any new content here.

When I got back from my travels, I found a mosaic of Labour Deputy Leadership-related letters forming a junk mail welcome mat. Ooh, look: there’s a picture of Peter Hain shaking hands with Nelson Mandela. Wow, a female MP is abusing her access to party mailing lists to boost Harriet Harman and admits she is doing so because Harman is a woman. Hey, Alan Johnson can do that txtmsg speak.

I care even less about the Deputy Leadership election than Tom Hamilton—who at least cares enough to have written about how little he cares about the Deputy Leadership election. But—and you care about this even less—I’m going to put a ‘1’ next to Hilary Benn’s name and nothing anywhere else.

While I’m on the subject of party politics, dismissive as I’ve been about the supposed influence of Tim Montgomerie, I have to admit that I’ve become a frequent visitor to Conservative Home. I’ve been dropping by not only to laugh at the way the grammar schools issue has blown up so spectacularly in David Cameron’s face, but because it’s a interesting and attractive Website. Shame about the commenters:

Africa Aid while people in the UK cannot get Cancer drugs treatment?

The British government ministers are dishing out British tax payers money on Aid for Africa while the UK government rations and refuses to pay for Cancer drugs treatment to British taxpayers?

Why cannot the likes of Bono, Geldorf, Gordon Brown give their own money to aid for Africa.