A couple of weeks back I attended one of the two “reasonably smart” evening occasions that PooterGeekers kindly invited me to in response to my appeal so that I could test out some wacky lighting techniques. This was photographing various Latin American performers at a Cambridge college ball. I’m sure you’ll agree such a setting can be a challenging one in which to perform…


…but such is my love for my art that I endured, exposing myself to whatever spectacles my surroundings presented, recording them faithfully in the tradition of the great masters of reportage…


A very few of my experiments worked. I was trying out a range of freaky home-made diffusers on my flash guns. Sadly, some of them interfered with the infra-red beams—which I didn’t want—as well as softening the light source—which I did—so my hit rate was low and the results weren’t what I was hoping for, but that’s exactly why I didn’t feel I could charge anyone money for them. Worse, the scanner at the lab used to digitize the negatives introduced lots of noise to the (intentionally) dark originals.


Thanks to percussionist Martin Goodson—in the foreground of the image above—for getting me on the guest list. The excellent band is called Lido66.