Following on from Tim’s comment, according to BBC News online:

More young people would take science degrees if they were given a financial incentive, claim industry experts.

[…but obviously we’d rather the government came up with this financial incentive while we continue to offer those with science degrees less than they are worth, and complain about a “shortage” of people willing to accept it…]

It stems from an emerging UK-wide skills shortage because young people are shying away from science subjects.

Britain will struggle to compete in the global market unless the trend is reversed, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) suggests.

Government-funded bursaries of £1 000 for science students could play a key role in this task, says the CBI.

You’re a well compensated, shiny-suited male executive spending a week at a conference in Amsterdam. In the evenings you experience a “shortage” of women willing to sleep with you. How do you solve this problem? Do you perhaps write to your MP demanding that the EU offers grants to nubile Ukranian girls to migrate to brothels in western Europe?… Oh, I’m not going to bother with this one again. If you’re bored then you can read this.