Ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with something on career Conservative Iain Dale’s blog? Under a photo of Sierra Leoneans queuing to vote he writes:

This is the picture that should shame 39% of British adults … Why is it that 39% of people in this country at the last general election took our democracy for granted? More people voted in the Iraqi elections than in Britain.

Luckily, a bloggertarian is the first commenter and he saves the day:

There is no democracy in Britain anymore thanks to Adolf Blair and the PC brigade.

Over at another blog I don’t read often, Comment Is Free, Rory Maclean (or perhaps a sub-editor, not inaccurately summing up his post) asks:

In the 1960s and 1970s thousands of young westerners flocked east. Was it a hippie backlash that inspired al-Qaida?

To which the first commenter succinctly replies:

I think your head has come undone.