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There’s a discussion going on over at Chris Dillow’s place about whether or not guest house owners should be allowed to discriminate against gay couples. Whatever is implied by Chris’s musings on the matter, markets are not the solution to this problem. As I’ve pointed out here before, well-run markets don’t undermine prejudices, they’re just an efficient means for people to express them.

One commenter illustrates a point by reference to a photographer being made to shoot gay weddings. What makes me smile about this is that, happy as I am to photograph homosexuals (and/or blacks) getting hitched, my biggest fear—as the offspring of a black mother and a white father—is that a mixed-race couple will try to hire me. If you have to take a natural-light portrait of two faces together and one is very dark and the other is very pale then it’s a bitch to get the exposure right for both of them.

Talking of juxtapositions of black and white