Writing on his blog today, Damian Counsell, who, if he hadn’t been baptised a Catholic, would be 37 234 933rd in line to the thrones of the Commonwealth realms, warned of the dangers to the planet of Genetically Unmodified heads of state. He pointed out that inbred dynasties are susceptible to hereditary disorders like haemophilia and verbal diarrhoea, and that they had “driven millions of small farmers off their land and claimed it as their own,” adding that he believed that congenital mental disorders suffered by and vast resources consumed by unelected rulers had significantly contributed to many of the wars and famines in human history. In sum, he claimed, royal families were among “biggest disasters environmentally of all time”. He said that constitutional monarchies were a “gigantic experiment with nature and the whole of humanity which had gone seriously wrong”. Pointing at a photograph of the unconvincing combover of a Mr Charles Windsor of Gloucestershire, Counsell concluded: “If that is the future, count me out.