From a letter to the Halifax and Calderdale Evening Courier by Jason Smith, the Bradford Chairman of the UK Independence Party:

As unaccustomed as I am to defending Tory MPs, I feel I must speak out about the arrest of Damian Green, who was apparently held for nine hours and his homes and offices searched by counter terrorism officers.

I would also question whether the police need to utilise nine counter terrorist officers when I’m sure they could actually be countering terrorism instead.

Obviously the government deny any knowledge of this, although this whole situation has the stench of the Neo-Labour party at work.

And the first reply online, from “Missbehave (Princess Fiona)”:

Damian Greens arrest clearly shows that not only are the tories soft on terrorism, they are now building havens for them to opperate.

Green was arrested under anti terrorism laws, he passed information of a sensitive information.

don’t dear tories bang on about law and order when you wish to be appart from the law of the land.