There aren’t many photos of me and my sister as children so I was especially touched when my (British) cousin, Teresa, sent me a couple she had found when scanning her father’s collection.
The first one I’ve posted here is of Teresa and me visiting our grandmother in Walton in Lancashire. Uncle Bernard has always been a keen photographer. All credit to him for getting the exposure right on a scene with so many differently reflective elements in it, back in the days when slide film was even less forgiving than it is now.

My dad was teaching on the payroll of the UK civil service so I suppose I must have been fresh from a boat or plane trip paid for by Her Majesty. (I used to be a member of the BOAC Junior Jet Club!)

Teresa and Damian

Here’s a close crop (the original is portrait format) from one of me, my father, and all of my British cousins—including Andrew at the back, who comments here from time to time as “Andy C”. You’ll notice I’m wearing the same sandals you saw back here.

family outing

Now, if I can just find one of me on a beach with a white grandparent, I can start thinking about becoming Prime Minister.