Over at Ricochet, Judith Levy illustrates her commentary on the state of the “ceasefire” with a picture of the effects of another rocket attack from Gaza on a rehabilitation centre for special needs kids in Israel two days ago. For “prison camp” guards, the Israelis are surprisingly easygoing.

…the attack on Sderot took place twenty-four hours after an Iranian Grad missile, also fired from Gaza, landed in Ashkelon, a city even deeper inside sovereign Israel. It should be noted that in addition to containing 125,000 Israeli civilians, Ashkelon contains the power plants that provide 70% of Gaza’s electricity. Attacks like this might therefore seem counterproductive, but ratcheting up the misery level at home in Gaza via an attack on Israeli civilians is a win-win for Hamas. Images of Gazans without electricity or other basic needs play extremely well abroad; they feed a carefully constructed narrative that enables those so inclined to justify their distaste for Israelis and Jews. And the response of the IDF to the attack on Israelis — whatever that response may be — enables the shifting of blame for all Gazan misery to Israel while providing a justification to continue attacking Israelis inside Israel.