Not having even seen Prague and Florence yet, I am hardly in a position to say that Paris is the most beautiful city in the World, but, if it isn’t, then I have some dazzling sights left to enjoy in my life. My goodness, the place lives up to the hype. If you know me, […]

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Not a good start to today: I drove into work and, while attempting to park, drove through a fence. If you’re reading this Auriol, Viv is OK. There are some fine scratches on her bonnet which are so superficial they mostly wipe off; I’ll examine more closely later in the week. One of those plastic […]

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U! S! A! U! S! A!

It’s the Sunday afternoon “Support Our Troops” demonstration on the corner, near the Warner shopping park in Canoga Park, Californ-I-A. As usual I have my camera and I am hoping for some pics of the demonstrators. On the opposite side of the junction (five lanes away, of course) there are two anti-war protestors, a man […]

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