Trust me, I didn't set this up as some kind of parody.

The Kerry and Kamm question here seems to have settled down into a reasonably good natured discussion about my being an irritated fan and the difficulty of inferring foreign policy intentions from campaign rhetoric. Over on the corresponding entry at Harry's Place, posters going by the names of “Lenin”, “Trotsky”, “Krupskaya”, and “Socialism In An Age of Waiting” are still bickering—to the tune of 28 comments so far. Kerry's name has appeared once.

“Are you the Internet People's Front?

“Fuck off!”


“Internet People's Front! We're The People's Front of the Internet! Internet People's Front, God!”

If you want to see them really go at it check out this post about the Muslim Association of Britain and the British National Party—one-hundred-and-ten posts today and counting.