The Independent Radio News report on 96.9 Chiltern FM at four o’clock:

“11 Britons are among the dead.” [Recording of northern Irish bloke recounting his experience] “—journalist Blahdy Blah on the earthquake in south Asia. In [Thailand] alone, eight Britons died. Others are on their way home to emotional reunions.”

Don’t the media just love those emotional bloody reunions? Only in later reports today did the brown people start to feature on IRN. The superior BBC Radio 4 six o’clock news concentrated on the other 20 000+ swarthy dead for eight minutes before talking about the Brits.

Norm’s got more. I sent my donation here and can now look forward to a 2005 full of junk mail from the Red Cross. If we ‘Bloggers have a whip round we can perhaps get together enough to sponsor David Carr to write a rib-tickling article about how little he’s bothered.