Hot Wheels Helena now has her own ‘Blog, but I am not allowed to link to it yet, which is why half of the posts this week are courtesy of her. Because Her Boy had (administrative, not financial) problems with his plastic we had to shop for dinner on Wednesday immediately beforehand. As I wandered up an aisle in Tesco [apparently my referring to it as “Tesco’s” in conversation marks me down as working class] I stumbled upon some Cheddar labelled “Xtreme Cheese”. This seems to be the latest and most absurd example of the tendency for mundane products to be packaged to imply that their consumption is more like a dangerous sport than an everyday activity. Everything’s “XXXtreme” this and “Maxxximum” that. Well, I thought that until Helena pointed out that, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Website, there are 40 cheese-related admissions to UK hospital casualty departments in a typical year. [Search for “hass” and open the PDF “Accident Statistics : 2002”—a bit of rummaging and you’ll get there.] The woman’s a natural ‘Blogger, I tell ya.