Fareena Alam, editor of British Muslim magazine Q-News is on Any Questions. I enjoyed a delicious frisson listening to the campaigner against racism and for the right of young women in the West to wear the hijab (er, even on passport photos) complain that young people wear hooded tops in order to commit crimes without being photographed:

“My home was robbed by someone in a hooded top.”

String ‘im up! Some of them Eastern Europeans tried to mug me once, Fareena. Send ’em back where they came from, that’s what I say.

Oh dear, now she’s going on about how the takeover of Man U is “the globalization chicken coming home to roost”. She’s “not happy about it”. I know. I feel the same about all those Bangladeshis coming over here and taking over our high street restaurants. If it carries on like this, the pavements will run with blood I tell you.