Independently of Stephen Pollard’s comment, a friend of mine emailed me yesterday to draw my attention to the murder by another Al-Qaeda offshoot of the head of the Egyptian diplomatic mission in Iraq. The email implied that there was some connection between the branch of the global Al-Qaeda franchise killing over there and those busy killing over here at around the same time.

Thankfully, the BBC clears up any confusion. The agents of Al-Qaeda who murder innocents in Iraq are different from the ones who murder innocents in the UK because the ones in Iraq are “militants“, whereas the ones in Britain are “terrorists“. If you are planning on blowing yourself up in the midst of a crowd of civilians and want your actions to be viewed more favourably in the eyes of the World, I’d recommend taking a trip to Israel, where, even if you are a British-Islamist “terrorist“, as soon as you arrive you become a member of a “militant” group.

[UPDATE: At Harry’s Place Gene notes that the BBC Thought Police have moved silently to normalize the situation. There are no terrorists. There were no terrorists. There is no terror. Phew.]