There’s a title to set your pants ablaze. Thanks firstly to Hot Wheels for correcting my spectacular error with the twenty-four-hour clock in my IKEA post. Thanks secondly to Tomodachi at Susurration for drawing his readers’ attention to the ‘Blogrollicity of two of us on his list simultaneously losing it in the aforementioned shop. Despite Random Acts of Reality being run by a manly, panic-proof paramedic/ambulance man, its proprietor had to take his mum along. Mind you, he is a cockney.

Further to Norm’s question a while back, yes, my use of an apostrophe and a capital letter at the front end of “‘Blog” is pretty pedantic, but ‘Blogging is, believe it or not, still a minority pursuit and I want to help the innocent with the term by at least giving them a clue to its etymology. I am absolute stickler for capitalizing “Web”—of which there is one—to distinguish from “web”, of which there are many (including one inside the windscreen of my car). “Weblog” begins with a capital “Web”. “Quaint” this may be, but I am not afraid of quaint. When I’m not at a keyboard, I write with a fountain pen, albeit a transparent plastic fountain pen. I have only recently started dropping the apostrophe from the beginning of “phone” and still occasionally put one in front of “plane” (as in “aeroplane”). At least I don’t put a diaeresis (not umlaut) in “cöoperate”.

Now don’t start picking faults with this post because I don’t have time to spellcheck or proof it: I’ve got to go home to meet the IKEA delivery lorry.