Yesterday’s serious press carried near-full-page advertisements for Channel 4’s new substation “More4“‘s screening of Downfall, Oliver Hirschbiegel’s acclaimed cinematic imagining of the last moments of former German head of state Adolf Hitler. These advertisements read:

“It’s a happy ending. He dies.”

But just how happy an ending was it for the once-proud nation that was Germany, for Europe as a whole, and for all of us living on this fragile planet? Channel 4 News tonight broadcasts a special investigation into the truth about Churchill’s war, how, from the moment international observers were excluded from the site of Hitler’s convenient demise, the stability of an entire continent—indeed of the World—was undermined by the intransigence of the British; how a sovereign state was carved in two by the actions of a massive American invasion force, the first wave of a military occupation that was to continue long after the much-hyped official “end” of the war.

Even today, over sixty years after the conflict, Channel 4 News will reveal how a British historian has been imprisoned by the authorities in Herr Hitler’s own country of birth for speaking out against the establishment account of the war, a war fought on the pretext of bringing freedom to mainland Europe, but in reality driven by the agenda of a shadowy ruling caste whose representatives held the highest positions in the British and American governments and whose identity can only now be revealed. We speak to surviving German and Japanese internees, who were held in camps on Allied soil, without trial, without appeal, and without real milk in their tea.

Jon Snow presents “Churchill and Roosevelt: The First Neoconservatives And Their Legacy Of Death”, this evening on Channel 4 News.