You won’t be surprised to read that I thoroughly approve of miscegenation. One day the whole world will be beige. There will be no war, all corner shops will sell five-spice, and no one will be able to make a buddy movie featuring a funny black sidekick. It always made me smile that the genome research centre I used to work in was a Baskin-Robbins of two-scoopers: half-Chinese, half-Malaysian, half-Thai, half-Sierra Leonean.

Ros and Damian formerly of the MRCs genome centre

It’s therefore with great pleasure that I (belatedly) direct you to photos of the marriage of two of her musician friends taken by my cyber-chum Grace Tsai Moy. How often do you get to see a bindi and a flat cap under a chuppah?

Incidentally, many people believe that young mixed-race individuals are always beautiful. Sadly, like all hypotheses, this can be undermined by a single counter-example.

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand

(When I googled for that image I also found this picture of a giant ferret called Ferdinand. Coincidence?)