Harry’s Place has a story from Islam Online claiming that Norway has brought in a law that punishes blasphemy by fine or imprisonment. There doesn’t seem to be any confirmation of this from any other source. This means we have reached the point at which we can read a report on an imaginary change in legislation in response to imaginary slights against the imaginary will of an imaginary god.

competitor in squealing competiton said to have been cartoon of prophet

I think I can see the way forward that guarantees appropriate respect to the different traditions that conflict in cases like this. Every time the fantasy-based “community” complains to those of us living in the real world of a crime against an imaginary entity we should offer them imaginary satisfaction. Whenever individuals from that community do real violence against us or our property in the name of an imaginary entity we should reassure them of their imaginary rewards in an imaginary afterlife and put them in a real jail.