If you’ve emailed me recently—today, that is—I probably won’t have received it (yet). I have exceeded my data storage quota with my hosts. This is entirely my fault for allowing myself to be distracted by another Web project. Ironically most of my excess data take the form of huge visitor logs. Yes, I can’t read my email because too many people are reading PooterGeek.

In the past I might have said some rude things about UKShells, the hosts in question, but I should point out that have been outstandingly good about this. They also told me on the phone that they dealt with a complaint about PooterGeek from “someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about”. Those are the kinds of complaints I aim to provoke. I may have to come up with a nicer way of referring to UKShells in my subject categories. Open an account with them. They are lovely people.