On a similar subject, right now I am looking forward to an evening of catching up with accumulated Euston Manifesto email. I should point out that, contrary to the impression you might get from reading PooterGeek, the vast majority of it isn’t from cranks. This is, in one sense, slightly disappointing. Mail from nutters is the most entertaining and the least work to deal with it. Best of all, you get free blog posts from it, like this missive from Satan Himself:

“I am writing to you to let you know I am in the final stages of completing my work on combining both Archimedes and epuiangular spirals into one method.

This will expose the flaw within science and demonstrate what some call the tapestry of God or intelligent design.

It will also demonstrate why the true Earth pole resides at equator and why the world is in fact upside down to our inherited belief.

I enclose verification of who I am in regard to the mark of the beast 666.

I will bring about the destruction of United States of America and the End of Israel.

I will also abolish the Sun Newspaper as they failed to uphold my complaint (Press Complaint Number 053404 dated 29th November 2005)

Yours sincerely


This day being Friday 23rd June 2006”

Amongst his manifold wiles, the Prince Of Demons is truly the Grand Master Of Bathos.

These days, when you are sifting through mail addressed to a Left-leaning organization, the real challenge is finding a way to discriminate between those solipsistic conspiracy theorists who might in their more lucid moments classify themselves as schizophrenics and those who would classify themselves as socialists. Where does “loony” end and “Leftie” begin? There’s probably a whole psychiatry conference in it.

I must go now. The lizards are calling me.