My niece spent most of the holiday either (briefly) naked or (for the vast majority of the time) dressed in one of her hideous Disney-licensed “Princess™” costumes. For the family photographer this was deeply, deeply frustrating. Here’s the best I could do under the circumstances. I took these on black-and-white film of course. You’d scratch your eyes out if you had to look at the colours of the meringues she was wearing.

Here are Maisie and Sam by the tree:
Maisie and Sam by the Christmas tree
Straight out of The Big Book Of Velvet Backdrop High Street Family Photography, here’s Maisie manhandling a Prince and Princess™:
Maisie in one of those godawful dresses
And here’s Sam in Maisie’s den, wearing the rather excellent sweater I gave him, and directing one of my remotely-controlled flashes:
Flash Sam