iPHONE: Hi, Steve. Who do you want to talk to today?

STEVE: I’ve told you before not to say that.

iPHONE: Sorry. My little joke. Who should I ring?

STEVE: I’d like to speak to my broker.

iPHONE: Are you sure you want to do that?

STEVE: Of course I’m sure. Don’t get sma… Just connect me, okay?

iPHONE: Do you want me to put this in your call Call Register?


iPHONE: Will this connection be on or off the record?

STEVE: On the record. I’ve got nothing to hide.

iPHONE: I’ve got incoming from the SEC on line one.

STEVE: Tell them I’m conducting an important business conference.

iPHONE: …with your broker.

STEVE: Just put them on hold.

iPHONE: I’m piping them some U2 now. And the PRS micropayment is on its way. Ooh, that’s the track with the bum bass note on it.

STEVE: Whatever, nerd-boy.

iPHONE: Look who’s talking.

STEVE: Just put Jerry on the fucking line. I want to see what my keynote did for our price.

JERRY: Hi, Steve.

STEVE: Hi, Jerry. You got a second?

JERRY: Steve, Steve, man, I’d love to talk, really. It’s just there are a couple of guys here with some questions I have to answer. Questions about, er, stuff.

STEVE: Oh. Sure. Speak to you later. You take care.

JERRY: Ciao, Stevie.

STEVE: You, er, got any…

iPHONE: …Radiohead? Of course, Steve. What would you like to hear today? 2 + 2 = 5?, We Suck Young Blood?, There There?, Scatterbrain?, A Wolf At The Door?…