[Warning: This post is slightly geeky.]

I have to clean up and transfer all my mobile phone contacts from my old to my new phone before I move to a new provider tomorrow—thereby saving about two-thirds on my mobile bill. For Friends of the Geek (and clients) reading this, my mobile number will remain unchanged, but I might disappear off the grid for few hours.

Unfortunately, I keep a slightly different address book on my mobile from the one I keep on my Palm Pilot and on my PC so this isn’t a straightforward job. One thing that’s making this worse is my installing Nokia PC Suite software. It’s not the software itself that’s the problem. (According to various online forums it’s no longer as difficult to remove from your PC as it used to be and there’s even a tool to help if you have problems.) It’s that the freshly installed program tries to update itself as soon as it finds an active connection to the Net. If you let it do this then it immediately sets up a conflict that blocks communication with any Nokia mobile you connect. When you plug in your phone and follow the instructions your only reward will be the sight of the Windows hourglass flipping endlessly. Many innocent souls have suffered.

If you are about to install Nokia PC Suite from the CD that came with your phone, don’t. (Normally I never use an install CD if the same software can also be downloaded, but I forgot in this case.) Download the latest version directly from the Nokia Website.

If you didn’t do this and have stumbled on this post via a search engine, having struggled to get your computer to talk to your phone, then follow these instructions [scroll down to “Professor” miksu] from the Nokia forum exactly. You must remove all three packages, especially the “PC connectivity” software, cleanly before you proceed to reinstall. After that everything should work fine.

Well, it worked fine for me anyway.

Now I’ve got to do some address book pruning.