Over at Samizdata, California is becoming a “totalitarian” state because an overwhelming majority of the residents of the city of Berkeley voted for comprehensive regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and because San Francisco can fine pet owners who don’t feed their pets properly and fortune-tellers who don’t have a licence to practise. Britain is becoming “totalitarian” because private clubs will no longer be able to discriminate on grounds of sex and people won’t be able to smoke in public venues. The US is threatened by “totalitarians” because a “libertarian” had to wait 45 minutes for his train. Scientists at the Food Standards Agency are “totalitarian” because they want to put vitamins in bread.

And in Europe, jack-booted safety Nazis use Big Brother eye-in-the-sky technology to deprive a free-born man of his sacred historical right to eat spaghetti while driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle.

Bloggertarian bollocks at eleven.