This week, a friend of mine who still reads The Guardian [online—does anyone not looking for a public sector job still pay for the print edition?] drew my attention to a piece there about how success by the Liberal Democrats at the upcoming General Election could “push out black and Asian MPs”. That is, because the LibDems have fewer minority candidates standing, the apparent sharp improvement in that party’s position in the polls recently could be bad for Good Racism.

Good Racism is discriminating between people on the basis of unfounded pseudo-biological prejudice. It’s practised by middle-class people in the pursuit of “diversity”, a state in which a workforce of rich, expensively-educated, well-connected white people is leavened by the forced addition of rich, expensively-educated, well-connected non-white people. (Bad Racism is the strain of pseudo-biological prejudice that infects working-class people.)

The Guardian article is illustrated with a photograph of Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Chuka Umunna. Umunna was first introduced to me by someone who invited me to laugh at Umunna’s starting a speech by pleading with his audience not to compare him with Barack Obama. Presumably Umunna said this because both he and Obama are privately-educated lawyers whose fathers were politicians.