Further to Eric’s observations, I bring you the main frontpage banners from England’s Sunday papers.

The Independent on Sunday:

“Inside School Number One: the full horror of Russia’s 9/11”

The Sunday Times:

“Terrorists hid bombs weeks ago”

The Observer:

“The Last Goodbye”

The News Of The World:

“322 DEAD”

The Sunday Telegraph:

“Russian school death toll rises over 350 as families curse Putin”

The Sunday Express:


The Mail On Sunday:


I don’t need a manifesto or a bible when the Mail will always be there to remind me of whatever I should be against at any given time. It collects the truisms of the polo-shirted golf club bore, the complacency of the not-as-pretty-as-she-used to be but still well kept trophy wife, the certainty of the line-toe-ing “executive” and edits them into a handy tabloid package of pure wrongheadedness.

The Book tells us that the accursed ones must cast aside their earthly robes at the gates of Hell and don papier-mâché nethergarments fashioned by the slaves of the Evil One from the pages of the works of The Associated. Though they are bound by the saliva of demons, their fibres offer no respite from the heat, nor shall they be kindled by the flames of the fiery pit; they serve only to deny the damned the pleasures of the flesh. Verily, I say unto thee, the Mail is the stuff of Satan’s underpants.