Jogging from the bank yesterday evening to catch Richard Brincklow‘s in-store performance at Passenger‘s launch of their new single [buy it now!*], I stopped to photograph this:

Charles Windsor wearing a Burger King cap

Regulars will know that I am not an admirer of Banksy’s work, but circumstances and the shrewd planning of the staff at artrepublic temporarily turned the 2006 effort of his that I reproduce poorly above into quite a witty piece.

Firstly, last week, Charles Windsor said to a nutritionist in Abu Dhabi:

Have you got anywhere with McDonald’s, have you tried getting it banned? That’s the key.

Then, the charming (and rather foxy) Lynne explained to me, as she caught me outside artrepublic pirating their wares with my cameraphone, that she and her co-workers knew Elizabeth Windsor would be visiting Brighton to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Theatre Royal, so they decided to display this not-entirely-respectful portrait of her son in the window, in the hope that Brenda might see it as she walked by.

On Sunday 11Mar07 at 17:05, ITV1 will be broadcasting a documentary, Chasing The Dream, about Britain’s “first black Formula 1 racing driver”. (Wikipedia points out that the history’s a bit more complicated than that.)

Mr Brincklow composed and performed the soundtrack to the film, which will also be shown again on ITV1 on Tuesday 13Mar07 at 23:00 and appear on “RTL in Germany, TV 3 and TV5 in Spain and Network10 in Australia amongst others“.

For the avoidance of any possible confusion, Richard would also once again like to remind everyone reading this that it’s a melodica, not a “Fisher-Price blowy thing”, and that he got a First at university and I got a 2:i.

*[DECLARATION OF INTEREST: One of Passenger’s management people handed Richard his Coutts card after the gig and told him to buy everyone who had turned up for the show free drinks for the evening, possibly the biggest round I have ever seen being bought. It would have been rude to turn down my share in the bounty.]